Thursday, March 15, 2007

Was It Only a Dream ?

I'm not sure if many, especially my children, realize the insight that I've possessed during my life. This wisdom has aided me in having a calm, and settled demeanor . It has given me peace while others scurried about aimlessly searching for life's meaning. Once again I'd like to document a dream that presented itself to me again last night. It was concerning my amazing son, Adam, soon to be Doctor Adam. I was in a beautiful garden surrounded by lush and supple plants. Birds cooed as they drank in the aroma of the the flowers. Humming birds whisked by pausing to bid a welcome to me as I sat contemplating my sons future in the medical field. My hearts desire was to have my son never leave my side as he grew and developed into a man. I desired to impart the my great wisdom continually. When Adam neared the age of 19 I feared that I'd need to relinquish this task to another greater then I. Yes, I allowed my Adam to serve the Lord for two years. These years were hard for me. I missed my little companion desperately. I know that when he returned he'd need me no longer me, his mentor and confidante. He'd be a man among men. a father amongst father and now a doctor amongst doctors,.... you get my drift. My insights, since I cut the cord of nurturing, have brought Adam some distress and puzzlement, but that is to be expected while he is searches for his own way..... Well back to the dream.....the wind was blowing thought the trees, as I listened I could hear a soft but distant whisper....."Adam will not leave you right away he will stay one more year and do his internship at the Hospital of his birth. This year will prepare him to go to the home of beer making and Harley Davidson's". I pondered a moment and then it came to me that this voice was speaking of the Medical School of Wisconsin. This is where my son will obtain his further knowledge by conversing with learned doctors of the Derm. The voice continued, " do not fear for he will then return to the land of his birth and impart is wisdom to other in need." My heart was filled with the joy and peace that only come to a mother who has loved with all her being. I know it would be hard for me while he was once again away from my bosom but when he returned he would return even more of a doctor the he was before. He'd be a Doctor with a specially a Dermatologist. My dream came to an abrupt halt when my dog Gretchen jumped on my face and woke me. Today is the day I must wait to hear where Adams destiny lies. My dream perhaps was only that," a dream," wherever Adam goes is in the Lords hands and I will embrace it and rejoice with him. Amen.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tie One ON

The breding has begun. Rusty is such a stud....literally. The pups will be due to be born around May 16th. Winnie was a little apprehensive, but meet the challenge with grace and style.

Love Is In The Air

Yes with spring come new growth, crocus are peeking their head through the once snow cover ground and yes Winnis is in heat again. Her consistant licking was the first clue. When seth and Kennedy spent the week Winnie was the protector of Seth, napping with him, following his every move and even keeping his snotty nose nice and clean. We plan to breed her this heat and will have puppies mid May if all goes well. I love having little pup around the are so fun to see grow and develope.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Entering the world of Blog

Recently my two older children were over for Sunday dinner. I love to listen to there latest day to day adventures. I'm always amazed at their ability to know what's in and what's not. (The older I get the less I feel I real know if life's avenues and resources along with all the other stuff my kids remind me I don't know.) Well anyway they were talking about this blog thing. I hate not knowing what the heck they're talking about. I had to know more . Yesterday I went on my daughter Holly's site and was amazed. Her site was so informative and enlightening. I thought at how great it would be to have a place I could write cool event in my family's and my life. I also notice that there was place others visiting the blog site could write comments. How cool is that. It was fun to get involved stating my opinion without getting interrupted and corrected by one of my all knowing children. Thanks to Holly and Adam I'm now on the cutting edge of technology